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4 Jun

Hi from! .. how was your Monday?? Gloomy and rainy here- seems like it’s the norm these days… .It’s June now I hope it stops! Heading to NY tomorrow so I sure hope the rain stays away…it’s hard enough to walk with those herds of crazy people that speedwalk and don’t care who they knock over… I’m just imagining it with everyone carrying umbrellas- could be very dangerous !

Death by Umbrella in NYC

Death by Umbrella in NYC

I actually have thought about selling umbrellas on what do you think? They can be a great accessory. I actually bought 2 yesterday- a great cheetah print one and a paisley colorful one. Came in handy today!

So, did anyone watch the Housewives of NJ last night?? I love that show! Those girls are crazy (cray cray as my kids would say). It was a bit strange to see all the footage from Hurricane Sandy. It was such a stressful time. It hit right after I got to NJ and of course we were staying in a “flood zone”. Turns out we were one of the last ones to leave- we had no idea our apartments were evacuated, until cops were pounding on our door telling us to get out. We loaded up as much as we could and it looked like a ghost town when we left. The whole thing was pretty surreal.


Back to the RHONJ, I didn’t know until last night’s episode that Jacqueline’s little boy has autism… its pretty sad to imagine seeing my child not be able to communicate. I feel so lucky that my kids didn’t have any real issues (other than being brats at times)- if you have healthy kids you often don’t realize how many parents out there DO have children with some sort of health issues. This is an article I found about Jacqueline and her son. I really like her. She definitely seems like the more normal one in the bunch….(thats coming from someone really normal :)

On the subject of autism I thought I would share a bit of info about the SmartknitKids socks and seamless underwear that carries. Sure there are tons of Cute, trendy, frilly socks… and we even carry some (Happysocks, Jazzy Toes)….but these socks are special because although they look like a really boring pair of seamless tube socks they have proven to be a blessing to many parents of kids with autism and other sensory disorders. There are a lot of great reviews and blogs out there on the web about SmartKnitKIDS, and here is one of them.

I can’t personally relate but I have read a ton of articles about what a nightmare it can be for everyone when children have sensory issues. Can you imagine a child not wanting to get dressed in the morning or screaming because the tags are itchy, or wont put socks on in zero degree weather. It seems like a pretty small investment to buy seamless childrens’ socks and underwear that other moms swear by when it can improve the quality of your life! Feel free to share your feedback if you have a personal experience with SmartKnitKIDS. I am sure others would love to read reviews from moms that are willing to share personal stories.

So to the fun stuff- the GIVEAWAY!! We decided to run a giveaway before our Father’s Day Richer Poorer socks giveaway…. this one is for the kids!!! It’s the “Doesn’t feel like summer” SmartKnitKIDS socks and Huggalugs giveaway. You can enter on our facebook page via the GIVEAWAY tab (rafflecopter entry).. but please stop by the site and check out our adorable huggalugs and awesome SmartknitKIDS underwear and socks for kids!

There are lots of fun ways to enter you will see on the rafflecopter widget.. we would love to see your photos (details on the entry option) and hear any personal experiences about smartknitkids- so I encourage you to share! Plus you’ll earn lots more entries for doing so :)

Spread the word… share the love- tweet the fun… …

SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks & Huggalugs legwarmers GIVEAWAY!

SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks & Huggalugs legwarmers GIVEAWAY!

It’s about that time to call it a night.. up early for NY- fun fun. It’s going to be a lonnngg day! Night Night!


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